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Holiday Hockey Festival
Los Alamos Hockey Association The Los Alamos Elks Holiday Hockey...
Rink expected to open Tuesday 12/3 H
Hello all.  The county has been hard at work and expects that...
Hello Parents and Players, Photo Day at the rink will be TODAY...
Sorry for the flyer does not go out but it is on the website to...
Volunteer Requirements
Volunteer Requirements LAHA Adult Volunteer registration is open...
Holiday Hockey Festival

Los Alamos Hockey Association

The Los Alamos Elks Holiday Hockey 2019 
Ice Hockey Festival


December 27-30, 2019 at the Los Alamos Ice Rink
Mites - Dec 27 and 28
Peewee - Dec 27 and 28

Atoms/Mini-Mites (X-Ice) - Dec 29 and 30
Squirt - Dec 29 and 30





by posted 12/03/2019
Rink expected to open Tuesday 12/3 H

Hello all.  The county has been hard at work and expects that they should have the ice repaired so that we can have practices tomorrow night (sorry varsity--no 6am practice).  Wanted to give you a heads up as earlier reports indicated that practices for tomorrow would be canceled.


by posted 12/02/2019

Hello Parents and Players,

Photo Day at the rink will be TODAY and Tuesday (December 9 and 10). Were excited to let you know that how you order your pictures has changed. It has always been a chore for the league to distribute forms, parents to remember to send the forms with the players & distribution of photos. We have eliminated all this!  

You will be able to order at your convenience on a phone, tablet or computer. Your order will be shipped to your house and you will be able to track the package. All of this has been designed to take a burden off the league and give you a better shopping experience!

Another benefit of PhotoDay is Advanced Pay in which you'll receive a $5.00 discount off your order! If you decide to participate in getting the coupon you’ll receive a text with a code to use at checkout.

Please watch the attached video of PhotoDay (90 Seconds), it walks you through our new process.


Two easy ways to sign up ahead of time:

Go to https://galleries.photoday.io/gallery/la-hockey19


Text LAHA19 to the number 90738

 Once you sign in you will be alerted when photos are ready for you to view.

You will not be able to put any packages or prints in the cart until the photos are uploaded.

Your satisfaction is our highest priority so please reach out to us if you have any questions. The phone number is (505)662-2523 and our email is 


Don Taylor’s Photography

Monday, December 2nd 

2:45 pm Varsity individual pictures begin (U18 pictures are on Tuesday)

3:45 pm Varsity team picture on ice

4:15 pm Mite individual pictures begin

5:15 pm Mite team picture on ice

5:30 pm Squirt individual pictures begin

6:30 pm Squirt team picture on ice

6:45 pm Peewee indivudual pictures begin

7:45 pm Peewee team picture on ice

Tuesday, December 3rd

4:15 pm ATOM individual pictures begin

5:15 pm ATOM team picture on ice

5:30 pm Make up individual pictures 

6:45 pm Bantam and U18 individual pictures begin

7:45 pm Bantam an U18 team picture on ice



by posted 11/25/2019

Sorry for the flyer does not go out but it is on the website to the left of this message.


LAHA Members,

Below is a flyer for the subject.  Most of you won't need this but some may have a child coming of age 5, 6, or 7.  If not please pass onto youir friends or neighbors that might have children who might be interested.

by posted 10/18/2019
Volunteer Requirements

Volunteer Requirements

LAHA Adult Volunteer registration is open and ready for the 2019-2020 season- volunteers must register- it's free.

USAH requires volunteers to have a background screening as well as SafeSport Training (takes about 2 hrs.) prior to any volunteer activity.

These are mandatory and are good for two years. If you completed a SafeSport training two years ago, then you only need to complete the refresher course this year (not as long as initial training).

If you are someone who falls within the listed positions below, please complete these items ASAP.

PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE POST- there are links and instructions you must follow.

Per the USA Hockey Safe Sport Program Handbook those who need to be screened include:

1. Members of the LAHA Board of Directors

2. Local program administrators

3. Coaches

4. Team managers

5. Officials (over 18)

6. Locker room monitors

7. Travel chaperones

8. Anyone with regular, routine or frequent access to youth participants

9.  NEW THIS YEAR--the requirement that players born in 2002 will be required to complete Safesport

We may require that additional persons be screened.


Please check to see if your name appears on http://www.newmexicohockey.org/page/show/829216-good-to-go the "Good To Go" list first.

Screenings are good for 2 years, and you may have been cleared for this season already from a previous screening. Only proceed if your name doesn't appear on the list or if it is in RED.

Screenings cost a considerable amount of money, please only do them every two years.

If your name doesn't appear, please proceed to the link below, this part is very quick.

The website is: https://loeaha.volunteerportal.net/    password: hockeyiscool

Please remember, the background screenings can take 2 - 4 business days, and then have to be manually entered on the LOEAHA site. Therefore, should you not see your name on the list after 4 days, please email me directly before running another unnecessary screening.


This part takes a couple of hours, but is required. 

First, you must register as coach, referee, or volunteer on the USAH website, a membership number is required for the training. https://www.usahockeyregistration.com/login_input.action

Once registration has been completed, then please proceed to the SafeSport training page.


Please keep a copy of your training certificate for your records.

by posted 09/02/2019
LACIR Status
LA County Rink - Los Alamos OPEN (12/10) 
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