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USAH has changed how they do initial registration.  Every player and volunteer must register with USAH first before they sign up for LAHA (not up yet)!!

As of April 1, 2020, we can register for next year.  I know this may seem a little pre-mature with COVID-19 all around us, but it is the way it is. We also do not know yet if our rink project will be affected by this virus.  So far, it has not. USAH also has decided that they are using one national screening organization instead of lettting each affiliate choose their own background screening company.  Also, there is a $30 charge for this per paerson.  However, this fee is being absorbed by LAHA ($10 and LOEAHA $20 (state affiliate to USAH).  Since, you only need background screening for 18 year olds and all adult volunteers every 2 years, this on the average is only $5 to LAHA/person/year.

To register for next year's hockey with USAH and file the application for back ground screening use this link


You will be able to register with USAH first in this link.  Then do the background screening.  If you are uncertain if you need the background screening, there is another page that will allow you to check your status before you go forward to screening.

When you register with USAH, you will get a receipt that says "CONFIRMATION NUMBER".  It does not say your USAH number for 20-21 but the confirmatioin number is your USAH number.  When you start right off with the screening process there will be a blank that asks for your USAH number but there is already a number there.  It is not your number, you must type in your USAH number for 2021.  I reported this to USAH and hopefully they will be cleaned up.

Also, when you have finished your screeing process, you will get a screen that shows PayPal button, DO NOT CLICK THAT BUTTON, just be patient and that screen will update and USAH pays for the screening at this level.  You will also need a photo ID, such as drivers license, passport, birth certificate, state ID, etc. to upload

I have gone through all of this, so I could help anyone who needs to do this.  It is a pretty good system for USAH registration and for background screening.  Contact me by email or phone (top of website).

Bob Nolen

by posted 04/06/2020
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